Naming the blog

My supervisor at Global Ministries for years has been encouraging me to write a blog about my thoughts and experiences as a Global Ministries Mission Personnel. I hesitated for many reasons; some legit, some not so. Will anyone read it? Will I find interesting things to write about? Will anyone read it? Will I enjoy it or will I find it a chore? Will I become blogged down (Ha! Laughing at my own pun) with concerns of grammer and speling? Will anyone read it? Will I say something offensive? (If no one reads it, then no problem? Right?) Will I use too many parenthesis? (Who’s counting?)
I am inspired by my fellow bloggers Claudia Fletcher, Tom Morse, Tom and Monica Liddle and Carolyn Tonneson.
My high school librarian and teacher said that I should be a writer. Her words ring in my ears 40 (or so) years later. She is still alive at age 95. Maybe she’s waiting for me to write. This is for you, Cleo Boger.
The first thing to do when starting a blog is to create a snappy title. Westras in Mission? Boring! Gimme Money? Too obvious. How about Walk Humbly? That has a nice ring for several reasons. First of all, it reflects my favorite Bible verse; “He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?” I love the King James Version. Maybe it’ a piece of my childhood. I don’t, however, like the exclusive, sexist reference and prefer the New International Version use of the term “O mortals.” Second; I really enjoy the mention of walking. Not only walking, but walking humbly. For those that know me first hand, you probably know that humility is not one of my strong attributes. So, this verse from Micah, helps remind me that God asks me to be humble. As a side note, I learned what little humility I have from my dear friend and mentor, Fern. But that is a topic for another blog. Third: I like to walk. No, I mean, I really like to walk. It’s my preferred method of transportation. If there is a choice of getting into a car or walking a reasonable distance, I will choose my feet every time. In 2008 I went on a personal mission to lose weight and get fit. I began by walking two miles each way to and from work. The first day, I came to work tired and sore and took a nap at my desk. The second day the same. The third day, again, although a little less sore. By the second week, I had picked up the pace a little and arrived at work feeling refreshed and strong. (And I don’t mean strong smelling.) After that, I woke up in the morning thinking about my walk to work. Who I would meet along the way? What new route I would explore? How strong I was becoming. A few weeks later I began running the two miles two and from work. I lost 45 pounds and began entering 5K and 10k races.
In Zimbabwe, I learned to appreciate walking as my primary means of transportation. Cars were expensive and unreliable. Roads were bumpy and uncomfortable. Time was abundant. I met many wonderful people on my daily walk to the phone signal and vegetable market. I even tried (and failed) to learn to carry packages on my head. They told me my hair was too slippery. African hair works like Velcro.
So, Walk Humbly is the name of my blog. Please note the command form I have used. This should remind me every day to walk (and get fit) and to go on a diet of humility.
Now for the disclaimer. These are my thoughts and mine alone. While I am an employee of Global Ministries and I work hard to reflect the mission and values of Global Ministries as well as the values and goals of good international development work, my thoughts come out fast and furious when I write. I will proof-read for tone, content and clarity, but the point of a blog is to write. Please be respectful of my efforts. Do not take offense. If I use a word or attitude that is questionable, please contact me privately for review or explanation.
Another disclaimer: I, like so many bloggers, get inspired by exciting or traumatic events. That’s when then write blogs. Then weeks and months will pass with no entries, no inspiration. A good writer will comment on the little things in life. A good writer will observe life around them and say, that would make a good story. I believe I’m a writer at heart. I often find myself saying, that will make a good story. Writing it down is another matter altogether. So, no promises. But I will try to comment on things grand and things small.
If you have any ideas for my blog, please let me know. I anticipate this blog will be a combination of social commentary and everyday life living abroad.
I have a sign over my desk; Writers write. I should add; writers do not surf, play games, peak at Face Book, text, answer the phone or throw in a load of laundry during a moment of writing inspiration. Pouring fresh coffee is acceptable however.

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  1. chtonneson · October 11, 2014

    Great!! I’m so glad you are doing this! Welcome to the world of blogging! I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts and ramblings…and will smile often at your lovely sense of humor!


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